Moonbase Core Values

It is essential for any business to define its core values not through platitudes, but rather through statements that are independent of popularity. These are Moonbase’s core values:

Every feature is a complication and liability.

Features in a software product are cumulative in nature. They build up over time, features begin depending on other features, and customers begin to depend on functionality provided by these features.

Every feature, therefore, can and probably will live for a very long time. Features survive re-designs and re-writes because removing them becomes very expensive. So we accept features for what they are: liabilities. They are necessary instruments that need to be taken on very carefully.

Each feature also raises the learning curve for new users. If version one of a piece of software had 25 distinct features and the upcoming version has 150 distinct features, the product has become 6 times more complicated. Not every feature complicates things with the same magnitude, but they all add to the product’s overall complexity. Like mechanical watches, we think of each feature as a complication.

Only build products that can be scaled with more hardware.

In order to keep our team small, we must pick problems and architect our software in such a way that it can scale to serve our customers via hardware purchases.

Not all problems are solvable in this way and not all software can be built in this fashion. We will not pursue those projects.

The best form of marketing is significant differentiation.

Marketing is a critical part of any software. Since our marketing budget will always be pretty close to zero, we must market our work in other ways.

We will build in marketing for each of our products into the product themselves. Each product must be remarkable. We will not ask users to share our products, users will want to share the products.

Posted on November 11, 2015

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